four R training: the gym @ complete physique is both a gym and personal training studio located in downtown Huntington.  A professional and welcoming community, our mission is to enable people of all ages and fitness levels to feel comfortable, confident and motivated to improve their healthy lifestyle. 

A state-of-the-art facility four r training's professional, certified personal instructors are wholly dedicated to helping our members and clients achieve their goals and maintain fitness as part of their lifelong health practice.

From athletes, strength training and weight loss to people looking for an encouraging and friendly place to maintain their healthy lifestyle, the 4 r's in training are a part of any real exercise program.  

RESISTANCE, RANGE OF MOTION, REPETITION & RECOVERY...all true exercise plans, regardless of fitness level, incorporate these four basic elements.  At four R training, we teach our clients and members how to successfully use these principles in their exercise regime...for without them, there are no gains.