Choose From 3 Different Options


Unlimited Small Group AND Large Group Training: $297 per month (6-month commitment required) ($360 per month if month/month).


  • Choose from over 13 Small Group Training sessions offered each week; these are limited to 5 people in a group, allowing you to train with an expert trainer at a locked-in rate regardless of whether there is 1 person in the session or 5 people.
  • Unlimited Large Group Training classes. Choose from over 24 “team training” classes offered each week.
  •  **See above for details of our Small Group and Large Group Training services and benefits.
  • Unlimited access to our world-class facility with state of the art equipment, including our infrared sauna.
  • Plus all the benefits of Gold and Silver Memberships (see below)!


Unlimited Large Group Training: $135 per month (6-month commitment required) ($150 per month if month/month)


  • Choose from any and all of our 24 classes offered: TD Functional Fitness, Pilates. Mat, Pilates Circuit, Cardio, Yoga; includes 90 minute Boot Camp at Mission Bay.
  • Unlimited access to our world-class facility.
  • Plus all the benefits of Silver Membership.


Unlimited Facility Use: $89 per month (1-year commitment)


  • Access to our award-winning, world-class facility for you to work out on your own on an unlimited basis (does not include large group or small group training) during normal business hours.
  • Towel service.
  • Unlimited use of our infrared sauna, to accelerate recovery, regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • Special motivational and inspirational emails from owner, Todd Durkin, and his expert team.
  • Exclusive monthly specials just for members.
  • 2 fitness class guest passes per month (use yourself or give away to friends, family and colleagues).

**Bronze — $29.00 p/month. Reserved for those who train 2 times per week or more with a trainer at Fitness Quest 10 in a 1-1 private session (6 month commitment).


*Family Membership — 50% off each additional family member.