Building the Powerhouse of Your Body!

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At Fitness Quest 10, we have the best instructors in San Diego that offer a wonderful blend of traditional and progressive Pilates movements designed to increase your strength, core, power, mobility, and flexibility.

You will find complete attention and individualized focus on your unique goals and needs in every class and session.

Pilates can be taken at any pace—from rehabilitative to challenging, from beginner to advanced, yet always staying true to Joseph Pilates’ methodology to use Pilates to move about your day more freely, fluidly, and efficiently.

Pilates will help your body move better and FEEL BETTER.

Pilates will help your body move better and FEEL BETTER.

In a single session of Pilates, you will train on every plane of movement and work every muscle group, while always focusing on your core. Keeping your center strong is a key component to creating personal balance in every aspect of your life. Pilates strengthens abdominal and back muscles, and trains the inner skeletal (stabilizing) muscles, to help all systems work together. The result is a feeling of deep internal balance and strength maintaining the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Pilates is also tremendous to improve spinal mobility and flexibility, joint health, decrease pain, and promote ease of movement. In short, Pilates will help your body move better and FEEL BETTER.

Who Should Do Pilates?

Who Should Do Pilates?

You will find everyone in our well-equipped Pilates studio—from beginners to enthusiasts, desk jockeys to professional athletes, as well as women and men of all ages. Our highly credentialed and experienced Pilates instructors adapt easily to the needs of clients, incorporating other fitness modalities for maximum results.

Pilates is offered through Personal Training, Small Group Training and Large Group Training (fitness classes) pricing.